Monday, March 19, 2007

How is it going? A word from your teacher.

I can see that you are having some fun with this project, but please don't forget that this is English class (Honors English at that). Please, when you make a claim to something in the book (for example, Boo being a pedophile, vampire, KKK member, or Satan's henchman), make sure to back it up with textual evidence.

Provide real analysis of the story!!!!!

Mrs. S


Emily Osment said...

This project is very fun Mrs. S! Great idea! I am heeding to the warning! I don't know why I am commenting on this, but whatever! Thanks, have a nice night!

Loopfruit said...

I agree with Emily!

Kaminous_the_Great said...

Yes. This was indeed a great project Mrs. S. I just wish that others would be a little more, serious about the posts, and not use irrelevent irrational ideas created just to be funny. It isn't. Im not naming any ones name *coughLordsOfSalemcough* but they seriously need to get a post worth talking about. Wasting my time is a major pet peeve of mine. See you in class Mrs. S!

Super Spy 2 said...

This Project?..... Best one ever!!!

LordsOfSalem said...

Thanks for letting us do this project, amd I'm and extremly happy I wasted your precious time kaminous.