Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heck Tate

To me, when the author describes Heck Tate while he is in the courtroom, it reminds me of the actor Buddy Ebsen. He just seems more at home in his Beverly Hillbillie decor. "Heck Tate dressed for the occasion.He wor an ordinary business suit, which made him look somehow like every other man: gone were his high boots, lumber jacket, and bullet-studded belt" (166).


Dr. Hoopz said...

First of all, the main reason I'm commenting is because this guy has a sweet name. Second, because I think these pictures of Mr. Tate are relevent, however I don't think the one on the left is dressed that nicely. Anyway. nice post.

Carl said...

I was compring his ignorant side to his dressed up side. Sorry, I should have cleared that up.

Benjamin Disraeli said...

I agree, except I see him with more of a gut and suspenders