Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mrs. Dubose

"Mrs. Dubose lived alone except for a negro girl in constant attendance...She was very was rumored that she kept a CSA pistol concealed among her numerous shawls and wraps"(99). I think this is a good description of Mrs. Dubose; in this picture I think that the the lady seems rather old and is capable of being the kind of person that would hide a weapon, in her case a pistol. She also seems look like she doesn't really have anyone to talk to and is a little lonely.


Emily Osment said...

This is a terrible picture. No I am just kidding! It is actually a pretty good one if you ask me. The lady in the picture does look kind of lonely and sad, just like Mrs. Dubose is in the book. She even looks like she could be kind of grumpy! No one likes a grump! I do have to say though, that she does still kind of looks cute up in her chair, and if I would have been around in Maycomb in the early days, I would have talked to her. Also, if cheerleading exsisted back in the 1930's, and I was a cheerleader, I would have maybe even tried to teach her how to cheer! I think the hard and exausting work out of cheerleading would have done those old bones of hers some good. Don't you agree Dr. Hoopz? I know this has nothing to do with the post but whatever! She seems to be lonely, and that is always sad when people do not have friends and their lonely. To be quite frank, I kind of feel sorry for her. Poor old Mrs. Dubose!

Dr. Hoopz said...

No I don't agree with that little comment about cheeleading Emily Osment. I'm sorry.