Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr. Ewell..... quite like a hobo

in the book mr ewell is even like the lovable country bumpkin cletus from the simpsons. they both live by the dump in rundown shacks and have realtions with close relatives.

in the book they also talk about hot mr. ewell is described as a person that bathes once a year... not unlike a hobo in a sense ...... see


LordsOfSalem said...

The second picture reminds me when mr. ewell's family is murdeded by a ninja(Boo) and he has to get money to kill him.Page 46

Emily Osment said...

I like the pictures that you posted. Good comment you have there lordsofsalem. I am pretty positive that they didn't get murdered by a ninga! Hey, but you are definitely free to believe what you want! Just a word of advice, you might not want to write that down on the test we have over this book, unless you like to recieve bad grades.

LordsOfSalem said...

whats a ninga