Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mayella~Is she the coward?

While reading, I started to think about the whole Tom Robinson case and the victim Mayella. I think her story of Tom sounds a little fishy. I just don't think that Tom would have bruised the right side of her face with his left hand. The reason I don't think this could happen very easily is because when Tom was a little boy, he messed up his hand in a cotton gin, and now it is pretty much useless. It would be quite hard for him to do that to her. In the trial, she cannot answer any of the questions that Atticus throws out at her. These questions were along the lines of why she wouldn't have put up a better fight and screamed louder or made a bigger effort to make noise, and why if there were so many children living in that house, why they wouldn't have came down immediately to see what was wrong, and how Tom Robinson could have managed such a crime? She just began crying and yells that the courtroom would have to be a bunch of cowards not to convict Tom. It sounds to me like she is the coward, and she is making this story up? I don't know why or who she would be making up this story for, but it just doesn't sound right to me. Do you think that Mayella is making up the whole story, or do you feel she is sincere and honest about the whole thing? Tell me what you think!

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Princess Ariel said...

Mayella is making up the whole thing. She has had a hard childhood. Her father not being there for her, and her siblings being distant. She has never really had anyone there for her. I feel that she is starving for the attention that she never had. That explains Tom's story when he mentioned that she was trying to seduce him. She just lacks the feeling of acceptance. It doesn't help that her father always neglects her. I believe that her father beat her and she is lying about it, so she can feel accepted by her father. I also think that Mayella is one of the main mockingbirds in this story. I believe she is just trying to cover up the shame that has built up throughtout the years.