Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Maycomb County Courthouse

This is what I think the Maycomb County courthouse looks like. It says on page 162 that it,"...was faintly reminiscent of Arlington in one respect: the concrete pillars supporting its south roof were too heavy for their light burden. the pillars were all that remained standing when the original courthouse burned in 1856. Another courthouse was built around them. But for the south porch, the Maycomb County courthouse was early Victorian, presenting an unoffensive vista when seen from the north. From the other side, however, Greek revival columns clashed with a big nineteenth-century clock tower housing a rusty unreliable instrument, a view indicating a people determined to preserve every physical scrap of the past."


Emily Osment said...

It very well could be the look of the Maycomb county courthouse. It truely is a good picture. If that is similar to what the courthouse looked like, then they had a nice courthouse. Who knows, but the picture works for me!

Dr. Hoopz said...

This isn't too bad of a picture. I don't really see any Greek revival columns, but this seems like it is pretty close. It also looks like it is ran down and could have been rebuilt like you said in your post Dr. Gonzo.