Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So.....This is just for the picture

Okay. Mrs. Maudie's house burnt down, but she is not devastated at all. What is up with that? No matter how much you hate a house you live in, you will still be upset if it burned to the ground. Or at least I would. How about you? If you lived in a house that you absolutely despised, would feel at all a little remorse? Be honest, and think about it. If it was the only home you lived in for x many years...You know? Personally, I believe that she burnt it down herself. What lead me to believe this was when she said,"Don't you worry about me, jean Louise Finch. There are ways of doing things you don't know about," and,"Thought of settin' fire to it a hundred times myself.." This led me to believe that she knew it was going to happen, she just didn't realize how out of hand it got. Anyways, tell me what you think. Okay?


Kaminous_the_Great said...


Emily Osment said...

Well it definatley is a good picture of a burning house! I honestly would still be upset if my house burnt down, even if I did hate it! I would rather live in the house I hated, than lose everything important to me that I owned, just because I didn't like my house! I do indeed think it is wierd that she is not at all upset. I mean Hello Mrs. Maudie... Your House burnt down! At least have a little sympathy for it! I am not sure but your idea of her burning down her own house is very interesting and may very well be right! The comments that she gives to Jean Louise Finch, is very good evidence. She could have got so sick of it and just burnt it down herself! If she did that, I would pretty much have to call her insane. I mean who really burns down their house just becuase they don't like it! Honestly! I think you might be very right. Great thinking Kaminous the Great!

PrincessJasmine said...

Well...yes I do feel bad for the house...I about painfull!!! It would totally hurt to be burned. And as for Miss Maudie, I bet she feels kind of releived and you know what, she very well could have burt her house to the ground. But that is her darn business!! I mean it is a free country. But, if she was the one who did it, wouldnt you think that she would grab all of her valuable things her little rocking chair and maybe all of her old family pictures that are irreplacible!!!! ( to the left to the left):) O well.. I guess there's just some food for thought. Maybe a carrot!!! Well Kaminous you have done it! Once again you have managed to publish a breath taking post that contains a very controversial(sp)subject. Well done Mystro!!