Thursday, March 22, 2007

Me-The Youngsters

During these wee hours of the night, I find myself to be gravitated toward my computer to web-log, or "blog" as the youngsters call it, much like young Jem, Dill, and Scout found themselves attracted to the Radley house. Maybe I sit here because like Jem, Scout, and Dill, I have grown bored with my usual activities and seek another source outside of my comfort zone with which to entertain myself.


Jesus Christ said...

you are an idiot

Super Spy 2 said...

Jesus you should not say that about other people. I think that if people wouls think about it we all have a little "outlet" persay that we turn to in times that we get bored with out lives and need something interesting to entertain us. Jesus you are the idiot try and think about yourself. Random facts are something that keeps your life interesting. Don't make fun of this person's wanting to blog

~GeOrGeW.bUsH~ said...

Ya your right! The boys in the story did get bored with doing the same things every day, but I would too if I didn't have internet or tv! In our society it is so hard to think that awhile back people didn't have any of the technology that we have today! I think that tourittesguy could have found a better picture to represent him doing something, but it was a good example any ways!