Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Is This How Scout Should Have Looked?

This is how I pictured Scout to look when I was reading the book! Was anyone else distracted by Scout when you watched the movie? I pictured Scout as this cute little girl, who just wore jeans and wanted to hangout with the boys all the time! I was so mad when I watched the movie and saw that Scout wasn't attractive at all! It was just really hard for me to get used to, because I had pictured Scout looking like this little girl in the picture the whole time I was reading the book, and I guess I just sort of expected Scout to look exactly like I pictured her! Did anyone else picture Scout looking like this girl and not like the actotress that played Scout in the movie?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Is never forever?

"I never saw him again" These five little words on page 278 ended Boo's part in the book and in my opinion, are the saddest five words one could hear. Of course, these words can be the happiest five little words one hears, but now we're getting off track. Now, through out all this blogging I know you have all expressed your opinions about Boo which can be described as no more than the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good being that Boo is just a nice man shut up in his house keeping away from the harsh realities of society, the bad being the fact that Boo was a pedophile, and the ugly just being that Boo was a vampire. We all had harsh judgements about Boo for a while and if you didn't than hooray for you, but I think that the main reason for Boo's character was to show us that one should not make false judgements in the case of rumors. Because you never know if one day you might depend upon them for a job or a favor or in this case your life. So I hope that you guys who think Boo stabbed Ewell, and in no circumstances am I disagreeing with you, know that Boo's heart was only filled with the goodness of saving two innocent kid's lives and not with murdering this man. So to all you people staying up late blogging or being here just for the fun of it is... What do you think Boo did when he went back inside? Even though this is being told from Scout's adult view, do you think Boo and Scout ever crossed paths later? And, what do you think Scout told Jem about Boo?

O NO!!!!!!

Due to my mother finding out about the fun that I have been poking at Beth I will no longer be able to crack jokes at Beths expence. (good thing we are done with the blog)

Beth and Sunjaya's BABY


At first the comparison between Jack Bauer and Atticus sounds silly. One of the reasons that they are alike is because they both think things out before they do anything. Also they are both great with guns. Jack and Atticus are both respected men of there community and share the loss of their lovers. I know that there are tons of differences between them but can you think of the similarities?


With the book and blog done, did you have fun with it? Did you find it a good way to voice your opinion? If not what other suggestions do you have?

Good or Bad?

With the mandatory reading now over I was wondering what my fellow class mates thought of the book. Would you recommend it? Why or why not?