Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aunt Alexandria has a weird definition for "Fine" people. Scout tells that this view would inclide the Ewells as "fine" people. What do you consider to be a fine person? What kind of things do they have to do to become considered fine folks?


Benjamin Disraeli said...

Well they would have to have a ridiculous accent and where those white suits like col. sanders.

"well looky here! It's out friends from Kentucky, they sure are fine folk. There chicken is delicious!"

Emily Osment said...

Haha! Benjamin. Maybe they would have to have a ridiculous accent. I don't know about the white suits though! Just kidding! I think that fine people are well put together people with a good attitude and nice things to say about other people. I also think that if you are referring to fine people back in the Maycomb days of the 1930's, there chicken would have to be good! So I guess they are fine people if they can cook well!

Dr.Gonzo said...

My personal opinion of a "fine" person is a person who is respectable. A paerson how works hard for their money, is nice, loves their family, and tries to do everything they do to the best of there ability.