Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boo Radley: The Evil Monkey of Maycomb

Boo Radley is the Evil Monkey of Maycomb. For those of you who don't know the Evil Monkey is from the show Family Guy and is the character Chris is terrified of. Boo is feared by by scout and Jem just as Chris fears the Evil Monkey. Also, both Boo and the Evil Monkey are insane and possibly violent. Another common characteristic they share is that they both are very secretive. The Evil Monkey lives in Chris's closet which is a dark a spooky place just as the Radley house which is where Boo lives.


Benjamin Disraeli said...

You are a fool of the highest caliber. Jesus Christ does not have a closet, and if he did he certaintly wouldn't keep monkeys in it.

Benjamin Disraeli said...

Okay I just re-read the post and relaize where I made the mistake, but still I think we have been over this boo subject before. Boo is not necessarily crazy. Come to think of it neither is the eveil monkey. They are just lonesome and missunderstood.

Emily Osment said...

I agree with benjamin disraeli because I don't feel that Boo is crazy! I think he is lonely and wants someone to talk to. I havn't watched this show, but appearently as Benjamin says, the monkey isn't crazy either! So it is funny in all, but I don't quite agree! Thankyou for your time, have a goodone my friend.