Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mr. Cunninghams Jury Contributions

Do you think that the fact that Mr. Cunningham respects Atticus influenced his decision in the jury, or do you actually think he thought Tom Robinson was innocent, and wrongly accused because of his race?


floridaprincess said...

I think all the people in the jury probably realized that Atiicus has a good point, and most of them probably realized he was right. However, they were too afraid of people's opinions, and maybe of Bob Ewell's revenge, to say so. They knew what was right, it was just too hard to do it.

Ichigo said...

I dont really think any of the people on the jury cared at all if he was innocent or guilty, they said he was guilty because he was black. Sorry lets face the facts people this is the south in the time between the civil war and civil rights movements and in an area where most people treated them like dirt. Like i said they all KNEW he was innocent but they didnt care.

Miley Cyrus said...

I think it could be a little bit of both, and that together they did influence his decision. The fact that he did have such respect for him is a good point, because when someone has that high of respect they trust that person and want to be on their side. I also think that he thought Tom Robinson was innocent, it would be hard to totally agree with someone on such a major issue just on the idea of respect. Mr. Cunningham was one of the few that saw and admitted that Tom was getting falsely accused because of his race. So overall I think both things played into Mr. Cunningham's decision.