Wednesday, March 28, 2007


"A young girl walked to the witness stand." "...she seemed somehow fragile-looking, but when she sat facing us in the witness chair she became what she was, a thick-bodied girl accustomed to strenuous labor." "Mayella looked as if she tried to keep herself clean..."(179)
Elly May from the "Beverly Hillbillies" is considerably similar to Mayella. They both try and take care of themselves a little bit better than the rest of their family. They also would appear fragile at first but actually have a lot of strength and are hard working.


Barbie Girl said...

Yes I guess they are alike in a way. Though I think that Elly May is cleaner then Mayella. Though good comparison because I would have never thought about that. Mayella is a girl who just thinks that all she can do is try to take care of her family. She works hard but then she is also a girl and has feelings, even if it is for a black man. I think that Mayella just needs to get a new attitude and not be so worried about everything.

Super Spy 2 said...

I think that Mayella appeared fragile because she was scared of what her fahter might do to her and this fright made her appear fragile, but at the same time because her father was so cruel it made her tuff as nails. She was so accustomed to being treated like dirt that it didnt phase her anymore.