Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scout..... Tomboy or maybe more?

Scout- Is she just a simple country girl enjoying simple country things? Or is she like our favorite "girl" from the Peanuts, Peppermint Patty. I think soon Scout will have her own lady friend that will follow her around and call her "Sir". Coincidence i think not! Why is it necessary for her to act like that I mean seriously, she is more manly than Dill is.


Super Spy 1 said...

It almost sounds like you are implying that scout is a lesbian. I don't think she is because all thought thel ast half of the book she is thinkinga of how much she misses Dill and how they are getting engaged and married. Plus, when I was little i wasn't interested in dresses and dolls and makeup, i was riding fourwheelers and hanging out with my uncles. Even though i like to still do that stuff, I have accepted the fact that i do have to look nice sometimes and that I have interests in guys.

Emily Osment said...

I agree with Super spy 1. I don't think she is a lesbian. I mean she is very young, and she is just interested in different things just because she always follows Jem around. I think if she had a sister instead of a brother, she would be just like her older sister because she would probably want to be just like her and even follow her around all the time, like she does Jem. I think she will eventually grow out of this tomboy phase. She will realize when she is older that there are times in her life that she needs to look half way presentable. I do agree with something though Ichigo, she is more manly than Dill! Maybe thats why Dill likes her because he can depend on her to protect him and beat up people whenever they make fun of him! Just Kidding! I don't think Scout is a lesbian by any MEANS!