Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I believe the different stereotypes are divided in into three main groups: lower, middle, and upper class. There is such thing as lower middle and upper middle, but they are only the subdivisions of the main groups. The stereotyping of people does change the appearance of a certain character. No matter if your the opposite of the group, if you have multiple things in common you will be judged as one of them. So if the African Americans and the Ewells are classified as the lower part, does this make Calpurnia and other people like her part of the group? Do you think that she should be treated in the middle class range or like the rest?

stereotypes in TKMB

We all have this image of the rural south, which is where Maycomb is. The stereotypes abound, starting in Scout's neighborhood, drifting into the neighborhood where the blacks live, and then further out beyond the dump where the Ewells live. What stereotypes do you see? How does this make you viewor feel about a certain character?