Thursday, March 22, 2007


We are all enjoying these little picture posts because they are so much fun and we can all make our cute little connections, WELL STOP!!! School work isn't fun! Get back to the deep, insightful, and intellectual postings we have been doing, with careful grammatical and punctuational attention! Work you little typist fingers to the gnarly bone all for the singular purpose of making a clear and concise point that is well put! Just kidding, but seriously folks, what do you guys think of the way Atticus has been acting to Jem lately? Do you think that Jem and Atticus are becoming closer to mutual equals? Do you think the father daughter relationship with Scout and Atticus is still strong, or is Atticus slowly giving in to the parenting ideals of Aunt Alexandra? Oh and Mrs. Schreffler, I love blogging.

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Benjamin Disraeli said...

Sounds like SOMEBODY'S had a visit from their little monthly friend.