Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mrs. Dubose

Mrs. Dubose reminds me of this creepy old man from Family Guy, who always tries to lure Chris inside with popcicles and candy. Both of them suceed in getting young boys to do favors for them, the only difference being Jem is being punished for attacking her garden with a twirling baton after being insulted.


silent one said...

HAHAHA that is so funny, but it is so very true. The only difference is that Mrs. Dubose is not FRUITY. She just is not all there. Other than that they should practically get married.

Emily Osment said...

Haha! Silent one agreed! I don't think Mrs. Dubose is all their either. It might be a bad idea for them to get married though. Two of them..........That's an awful thing to think!