Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not what I Expected

In the book, everytime that Dill was mentioned I thought more of sophisticated boy that didn't really fully engage in the activities that Jem and Scout chose to participate in. However, in the movie, it seemed like he was all for anything the other two wanted to do, and even had a few of his own ideas. That jus wasn't the way I pictured him. I also thought is was a little strange that when Dill left until next summer, all he said was just a simple "bye...see ya next summer". What do you think?


Kaminous_the_Great said...

yea....He was a little tentative in the book, but in the movie, was just, off. Not at all what the book portrayed him to be. At least they got the first line right. "I can read just about anything, you bring it to me, and I can read it."

Rashad said...
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Rashad said...

Dill had to go because his Aunt was calling him. What was he supposed to do give Scout a kiss or something?