Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The trial

The trial is here. How do you think Jem and Scout will grow throughout the trial? How will they have changed when it is all said and done? Do you think they will understand Atticus better and respect him more?


CaptainCrunch said...

I'm not totally sure what the trial will bring out of Jem and Scout. However, throughout the book so far we have seen them grow a lot in a short period of time. So, I'm leaning toward thinking that they will both still have to go through a lot after the trial is all said and done with what people will say but i definitely think they will grow and become more mature about the situation in whole. I do think that they will both come to understand Atticus a little bit better and respect him more and realize that they actually have a lot to be proud of him for than they thought.

Emily Osment said...

I agree! I'm not sure what the trial will bring out in Jem in Scout, but I think it will at least be something different then we are used to seeing in them. They have changed, well Jem anyway, alittle bit before the trial started so I am expecting them to be a little more mature and understanding after the trial is all said and done! As for Atticus, I think we will see a change in their feelings toward him. Jem already seems to be feeling a different way about him, since he is wanting to show Atticus that he is mature and can take care of Scout and protect her. By the end of the trial they will have seen their dad in a totally different light than before, and I think they will most definately respect him more and be proud of what he accomplished, no matter what the outcome.