Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Reason For Why the Book is What it is.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is a great book because it shows the truth of how prejudice was back then and some what today. White v.s. Black was the only thing taught in the little town of Maycomb. It is sad that the parents control the way there children think about black people. I believe Tom Robinson's case was a fluke and everyone should have deemed him the title of not guilty, but when your parents give you hatred toward blacks like they did in Maycomb, its hard to disagree with your lifestyle. That is why a dirty lier like Mr. Ewells rains over a poor helpless black like Tom Robinson. It is not fair for someone so innocent as Tom to be at death row just because his skin color. That is why Harper Lee wrote this, to demonstrate how hard blacks had it in a life of a white man's world.


Benjamin Disraeli said...

Very true, all of it. But I don't see the question.

It is also fair to say that some of that prejudice still exists today. And as a comparison think about how gay marriage is seen today. It is very wrong to most people. It is scandalous, especially here in the bible belt.It is like being a black in the forties. But anyway

tristan said...

I agree with benjamin disraeli on this. I think that no matter what time period you live in their will always be prejudice against some group of people. So far there has been prejudice against: Jews, blacks, germans, japanese, arabs, and gays. You should just treat everyone with respect no matter what they look like or how they act. (even if they act like a selfish little 3 year old like Robert!!!)