Monday, April 2, 2007

The Fence..

This looked like the fence described in the book when Tom Robinson tried to escape. Because of his arm he was unsuccesful. This fence looks very hard to climb in a certian amount of time with guards ready to shoot at any minute. Do you think Tom Robinson would have escaped if he had two good arms?


Emily Osment said...

This is a good picture. Good comparison! I really am not sure if he would have escaped, if he had two good arms. He probably would have been capable of doing so and chances are, he would have been able to if his other arm wouldn't have been so messed up! This is definitely something to ponder about! Good Job!

Andie Sachs said...

To be honest, I really don't think Tom would have been able to escape even if he had two good arms. The reason being that in a prison, there are so many guards. I think one of them would have been able to get him. Even with one arm, he was slow and they were just aiming to slow him down. Imagine, if he had his two arms, that he was going really fast and they actually had to aim and shoot to kill. I think this poor guy had slim chances, but I think he shouldn't even had run in the first place. ( But that's a whole other blog)

Super Spy 1 said...

It sort of does. I think that if he had two good arms, then his chances of escaping were greater. But then there was just as much a chance that any of the fired bullets would have gone through any of the holes in the fence. He should have just stayed there because there was a slight chance that he could have one the appeal, instead of putting his family and friends through all of the pain. I think the fence represents the break point at which we can't decide to something or not.