Monday, April 2, 2007

Ewell's House

This is sort of what I think that the Ewell's house looks like. It should be really run down and trashy. This house may and probably is a lot nicer than the Ewells house, which tells you how crappy it would look like.


CaptainCrunch said...

I think the Ewells' house was probably a lot more run down than that. I mean, when I read it i thought of a shack and was good for nothing basically. I also kind of pictured a liitle more of a yard infront of it that was full of junk and had a nasty old fence around it.

Barbie Girl said...

I think that the Ewell's do have a trashy lifestyle because they are dirt poor. This house is nicer then Ewell house.

Emily Osment said...

I agree. I pictured it to be a little more trashy also. I do agree with captaincrunch because I think the yard would have been bigger and there would have been junk all in it! That is just what I think when the house is described in the book!