Wednesday, February 28, 2007

stereotypes in TKMB

We all have this image of the rural south, which is where Maycomb is. The stereotypes abound, starting in Scout's neighborhood, drifting into the neighborhood where the blacks live, and then further out beyond the dump where the Ewells live. What stereotypes do you see? How does this make you viewor feel about a certain character?

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~GeOrGeW.bUsH~ said...

I think that stereotypes tell people alot about other people that may or may not be true! Stereotypes can be a goood thing or a bad think! But I think that alot of times people believe cerain stereotypes and they dont geve a person a chance just because they heard things about them! I think that alot of people in this story haven't been understood completey because people don't give them the time of day to explain themselves!